L.I.F.T. Summer School is a 4-week program designed to help you increase your leadership capacity by developing a project that adds value to the world.


Make the crisis your opportunity.
We all have dreams, gifts and talents that equip us to make the world a better place. The L.I.F.T. Summer School creates a safe place for you to discover your passion and develop a specific project that you can move into action within only 4 weeks!

You can choose one of three topical streams:

 Move your career forward by increasing your influence in your current role, apply for a new one or build a new skill.

 Come up with an innovative idea and bring it to life as your own business.

 Use your creativity to develop solutions to the world’s most pressing problems.



Throughout four sessions, our dedicated group leaders will guide you through helpful exercises while you will be connected to specialists that offer a variety of skills including web design, personal branding, sales, marketing, financing to develop your key skills along the way.

Next to the sessions, you will be provided with frameworks, book recommendations and assessments to bring your dream to life.
By the end of these intense weeks, you will not only have learned a lot and made new friends, but you will be able to present your progress in front of family and friends to celebrate together.

🗓 Dates: 07.07. | 14.07. | 21.07. | 28.07.
Time: 19:00 - 21:30
👩‍💻Location: Zoom Calls & Slack Rooms
🎟Cost: 25 €



How does the LIFT Summer School work?
Participants will be guided by group leaders through a process of 4 sessions to move from finding a suitable Leadership challenge to executing it. On that journey, participants learn by doing and developing skills along the way. Our team is committed to facilitating, coaching and providing resources for each participant.

What is a typical Leadership project?
We provide three streams that cater to different needs and different projects:
Work & Career projects could include: Writing your CV, plan for a promotion, change your career.
Entrepreneurship projects could include: Developing a business plan, pitching your project, writing the first chapter of a book.
Social Innovation projects could include: taking responsibility about sustainability in the workplace, build a social injustice campaign, create a volunteer project.

Why should you consider to apply for LIFT Summer School?
👊 Coaching & Accountability: Our Group leaders are dedicated to guide, challenge, and lead you on your journey.
👨🏻‍🏫 Feedback from Specialists: Get connected to specialists in the fields of your project that help you move forward.
🙌Community of Support: We will go on this journey together with fellow participants to support each other on the way and build new friendships.

What is expected of me during the LIFT Summer School?
The Leadership Summer School consists of four intense weeks, including 4 Tuesday evening online sessions where your attendance is desired. Also, plan ahead at least 2-4 more hours during the week to reflect on exercises, complete homework and further develop your project.

What is the investment?
The investment for the 4-week-program will be 25 € including material.