Drawing more Young Entrepreneurs to Berlin's Innovation Hub

May 16 2014Futureminded Group

International Think Tank 2020Plus to stage high-level event to help maximise Berlin's future as an innovation hub.

The Think Tank 2020Plus is to bring together some of the best minds in the civic, business and voluntary sectors to help leaders identify opportunities to enhance Berlin's position as a centre for new technologies. 2020Plus Berlin is part of an international project, helping business and civic leaders identify challenges to future growth and possibilities for engagement with the next generation.

Berlin is emerging as a hub of innovation for Europe, with exciting developments in areas such as digital and bio-technologies. The question for us now is this: how do we take this to the next level, attracting and keeping the best and brightest of the highly imaginative Millennial Generation (aged 16-32)? How do we create an ecosystem across all sectors that rewards innovation, with risk-friendly administration and a culture in which invention is the norm?‘ says Mal Fletcher, 2020Plus chairman and innovation expert.

‘These questions are especially crucial for Berlin because current indicators show that its population will age quite significantly by 2030, while three out of five of the world's workforce will be Millennials by that time. Berlin also presents challenges to new businesses because of its tight regulatory environment.‘

‘We can address this now, by finding ways to engage the unique talents of the Millennial Generation, from across Europe, while attracting leaders of new, innovative businesses to the city. Whether we succeed will rely heavily on our understanding of how these young adults think.’

Among the issues social futurist Mal Fletcher will address in two keynote sessions are ways in which Berlin can boost its reputation as a digital innovation centre through bold and creative leadership. He will also focus on the district’s huge potential as a global hub in areas such as renewable energies.

2020Plus Berlin is being staged on May 22 in conjunction with the Berlin social enterprise base Futureminded Group. Similar events are being run by the London think-tank in major centres in Europe, Australia and South Africa.

2020Plus Berlin will pull together invited leaders and influencers in local and regional government, business, education, public services and the third sector. It will create an opportunity to network across a number of sectors.

‘Berlin is developing structures to help innovative businesses grow, but innovation is as much about culture as structure - and the key to changing culture is leadership, at every level,‘ adds Fletcher. ‘Our aim is to inspire the kind of leadership that takes entrepreneurialism to new levels, so that every business, civic authority and third sector organisation becomes a mini-hub of innovation. When enough enterprises have this type of leadership, a critical mass is achieved and innovation becomes an ecosystem for the entire city. We want to help entrepreneurs discover new skills and enable city planners to enhance the lives of future young adult residents.‘

Keynote speaker and broadcaster Mal Fletcher is a frequent commentator on BBC TV and radio and in the international press. He regularly addresses in leadership conferences worldwide on how future change will impact business and communities.

Mal Fletcher will be speaking to civic and business leaders in Berlin about ‘Engaging the Future of Innovation‘, at 2020Plus Berlin, on May 22 at AMANO Rooftop Conference Centre – Rosenthaler Straße 63, 10119 Berlin. It will run from 9:00-12:00 (including buffet breakfast). For more information, click here.

About Futureminded Group:

Futureminded Group is a Berlin-based think tank founded in 2013 that combines research on the challenges the city of Berlin faces with concrete projects supporting positive social change. The think tank’s approach focuses on how social entrepreneurship and leadership innovation can be applied in different sectors to contribute to the well-being of society as a whole. Projects linked to Futureminded Group are the City Kindness Partnerships involving the coordination of volunteers to benefit struggling Kitas, elderly homes, immigrant centers and community hubs as well as the fashion project redco. transforming broken materials into fashion pieces for a social cause.
Further projects are a local campaign to support charity:water, an innovative non-profit organisation based in New York bringing clean drinking water to people in developing countries, and the 2020Plus Berlin Event helping business and civic leaders identify opportunities for building a better future for Berlin. The team consists of 13 researchers, project and event managers from different cultural and educational backgrounds.

Notes to the editor:

For further information or to arrange an interview with Mal Fletcher, please call Linda Guddat of Futureminded Group. Pictures of Mal Fletcher, video and stills of 2020Plus events can be downloaded here.


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