Abolishing modern-day slavery one step at a time

Oct 10 2016Futureminded Group

(Berlin) - On the 15th of October, Berlin will participate in a global awareness event called the #WalkForFreedom. The purpose of the event is to shine a spotlight on the 27 million men, women, and children who are trapped in slavery today.

With 200 walks in 28 countries participating in last year’s event, A21, a global anti-human trafficking organisation, aims to raise even more awareness with their 3rd annual Walk For Freedom 2016.

Christine Caine, A21’s Founder, says, “One step at a time. One life at a time. We will abolish modern-day slavery.”

The Walk For Freedom’s key distinguishing factor is a single-file line of participants dressed in black to represent the 27 million slaves who have no voice. As the line moves throughout each city, information about human trafficking is distributed to onlookers.

The Walk For Freedom in Berlin will be taking place in Berlin Mitte. Participants will walk from Monbijoupark via Alexanderplatz to the Berlin Cathedral.

The Walk For Freedom exists to eradicate modern-day slavery, a global reality that affects every continent and economic structure. The goal of the #WalkForFreedom is to take a united stance that will turn awareness into action. The true multiplication of this freedom message will be seen around the world through local and global media coverage and will be distributed on social media.

Walk for Freedom – Details for Berlin

Date: 15th October 2016
Start: 10 am
Duration: 2 hours
Meeting Point: Monbijoupark, Oranienburger Str., 10178 Berlin
Route: Monbijoupark - Alexanderplatz - Berlin Cathedral
Distance: 2,5 km
Hashtag: #WalkForFreedom

About A21

A21 is a global anti-human trafficking organisation with 12 offices around the world. A21’s work is based on a fourparadigm strategy from the United Nations’ Palermo protocol, which includes: Prevention (awareness and education), Protection (crisis shelters and transition homes), Prosecution (legal response), and Partnership (government, police, and community).
More information can be found on www.a21.org.